Live Tuner


This software should be considered BETA quality, ie there may be bugs that cause problems whilst Live Tuning - please take all possible care and if errors or strange things occur discontinue and seek help!

What is this?

Live Tuner was originally developed as a demonstration of the Logging and Live Tuning features of the TephraXMOD V2 for EvoX’s worldwide.

You DO NOT need to use the live tuning portion of this software, you can use it for logging only if you prefer!!!

How do I use it?

First - make sure you have Microsoft’s .NET 4.5 or above installed!!!

Second - get Live Tuner from these links:
ZedGraph DLL
Live Tuner.exe

The DLL must be in the same directory as the .exe!!

Live tuner can be used as a pure logger or as way to live tune your EvoX ECU (ie without turning engine off, flashing and then starting up again). In either case once you launch the program you need to open the ROM file, this gives the logger a point of reference, and also eases tracking of log file verses ROM files. If you only want to log, then simply hit the “Start Logging” button, to “see”, hit the “Log Visualiser” button. If you want to Live Tune, after openning the ROM just hit the “Connect and Live Tune” button, this will ‘upload’ each of the Live Tuneable maps to the ECU.

Need to know

Live Tuner utilises the definitions included in ECUFlash, this means that Live Tuner looks at the rommetadata directory for defintion files, it also means that any errors received during a ROM Load need to be resolved in that location.

The most common problem reported is that Live Tuner will report a missing scaling for “MAF Scaling”. This is most likely due to your .xml including defintions for “MAF Scaling Horizontal” rather than “MAF Scaling” - which the V2 XML makes reference too. You can solve this by either changing V2 XML to match the MAF Scaling table name in your ROMID Base XML, or you can add the real “MAF Scaling” to your ROMID Base XML.

Hot Keys

Main Screen

F10 = Options page - where you can set what wideband or what MAP sensor your using, or setup custom loggables!!
O = Open ROM
L = Open Log Visualiser screen
Ctrl D = Start Logging
ESC = Quit

Map Editing

= = set value
* = multiple value
+/- = increment or decement cell value (based on incr xml attribute)
[/] = increase or decrease by 1%

Log Visualiser

W = Last (including current) WOT run
[/] = left/right through WOT runs
T = Tail mode, last 30 seconds and other common trim template
Left/Right arrow = scroll left or right in log
F12 = Dark mode!
P = Pause


  • Map Tracer doesn’t properly work - use it at your own peril :)
  • Live Tuning high/low mivec doesn’t work, its best to disable the xover point and then just tune the High Gear Mivec Maps
  • Mode23 NEEDS to be enabled (duh!)
  • Live Tuning REQUIRES AltMap to be enabled in the ROM (otherwise it wont appear to do anything


18 April 2020 - 1.0.7413.20769

  • Fixed the window that pops up over the graph when you hover over it with you mouse

11 April 2020 - 1.0.7406.40864

  • Updated WOT detection code
  • Implemented a split screen + auto resizing for log windows
  • Cleaned up a bunch of legacy code

13 September 2016 - 1.0.6100.37984

  • Added IDC and IPW onto main log page
  • Added an additional log visualiser tab page
  • Removed dependancy of having the XML files in rommetadata\mitsubishi\evo
  • Made Log Visualiser page automatically refresh when loading a new log OR restarting logging
  • Fixed custom log #2 for 2bytes
  • Other misc fixes